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My Website Title
The "pretend" cabin is 95% complete. The bunkhouse (my bedroom) turned out just as I wanted it to... White cedar, unfinished furniture really creates the rustic look (and the berber carpet sorta takes away from it, but whaddya gonna do?) It has a four pole bed, set diagonally in the room, pointed at the T.V. hanging by ropes in the corner, over the door. There's a lot of garden tools on the walls from Dad's collection. The huge sickle attached to the wall next to the bed provokes a variety of comments to those taking a tour of the place. I'll leave that to your imagination... but really, it was an innocent placement on my part!

The rest of the house is pretty much complete, except for one big project. I am going to build an entertainment center to also serve as a museum for more old stuff. So, once I figure out what kind of wood is needed to create the rustic look, and design the thing, my Rodent, Noah, will (help me) build it. Stay tuned for the latest developments.

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